City Set Aflame

Crashing waves inspires a melodic chorus

Voices whispered in each wave

An ominous wind does follow

A bend of a string influences sorrow

New horizons fraying reality


Grease perception with oil

Sand over lost regret

Best keep your intentions silent 

Wounds inflict only the defiant

Against ways neither set in stone

Nor sand that drifts

Or passed through words

Only felt by those destined 


Each step closer to extinction

Gods failed experiment

Or serendipitous chaos

A blank page stained red

Seeping ink staines through pages


Blue skies turn to night

Night turns to day with flame

Regret felt by all that follow

A silhouette of sorrow

We reap what we have sewn

Mass manufactured aspirations

Fall upon deaf ears to enlightened

Knowledge gifted through torment 


Mankind is a festering parasite

Take a penny

Take another

The bowl left dry

Seek no help when you have gifted none


When everything becomes irrelevant

When skies tear open with fire

Ashes burning to your soul

Medusa’s statues crumble

The city will burn

We will stand upon a hill

And gaze upon uncertain revolution



Words of Wisdom: “Keep the Momentum Up!”

New year, new blog resolution? Yay! Keep your excitement high with resources and tools that’ll keep you publishing through 2017.

Some great tips towards growing your style, inspired by ‘The Daily Post’ prompt


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Becoming a Creative Writer- ‘Everything is Beautiful’

I look at some of my followers and the people I follow and I see a lot of talent. Today I would like to take you through the steps I have taken to secure my position and write my first post “Everything is Beautiful” as a professional creative writer for a well-established clothing brand in the hope that some of this talent can be discovered.


I know the hardship of seeking for a job that better suits your talent while working one that simply does not. The frustration of being rejected time after time for creative writing roles does nothing for your confidence and makes it seem as though that dream will always be beyond your league. I would apply for roles at least ten times a day, writing thousands of words per application to try and get noticed. The trick is to keep on, carry on. The only person who can hold you back is yourself! Writing is a highly subjective field much like the world of art, if a piece of writing does not work on one employer, perhaps your style does not conform with the interests of the company.

Keep Writing

If I could choose the one piece of advice you should take away from this post it would be to keep writing. Write blogs, write about your day, write applications, write anything because that is the only way to home in your skills and perfect your style. The more you write, the more content you have to show as part of a portfolio to potential employers. You will find that your ‘best pieces’ will frequently be replaced by new ones as you progress.


Once you get an interview it is imperative to be on form and to throw everything you have at it. If you fail this you will be setting yourself back weeks, maybe months. You have to have a portfolio at the ready, have researched the company inside and out and have a firm grasp on your direction as a creative writer. For every interview I have been to I have done a minimum of twenty pages of handwritten research. If you are applying for the position of a creative writer ensure you have a plan for the direction of the blog or articles. The direction should be optimistic yet feasible, ensure you set yourself a list of targets and do all you can to provide backing to how you will achieve them, why and when. Never enter an interview half-cocked, always be ready with research notes memorized, your direction clear and your sights set above what you have ever dreamed for the future.

Getting the Job

Once that employer says yes, your journey is only just beginning. You should endeavor to continue that level of ferocity you injected into trying to grab this role in the first place; take it by the horns and ensure you stick to your targets. Constantly set yourself new ones as you gradually increase your ambition. You will notice that you will eventually reach the place you originally aspired to be, therefore reaching an almost spiritualistic sense of self-fulfillment and happiness.

All in All

In short, be all you can be! Keep writing page after page and never give up. If writing is what you want to do, you will be able to do it! Some sites I would recommend would be Crowd Content, Blasting News and UpWork (although the latter I have had problems with).

My Direction

Ever since getting this job I have been working but with a smile on my face. I am over the moon about the fact that I am now earning from something I enjoy doing, that my hard work has paid off and that I now have a future in something I would consider a dream job. My first post can be found at the Truenodizzy website, a company that really has provided me with a wage for what I first considered to be just a creative outlet. The post you will find is “Everything is Beautiful”; a post that, not so subtly, expresses my joy to be a part of an amazing project that lets me be me.

I will be posting more insights into how I got to where I am over the next couple of days, I’m welcome to any and all feedback 🙂

Dark Room

A dark room

Not so dark

When lights emerge

With pulsing color

A dream state

Made real with vision


A subtle cry

Yet no one home

Alone again

No tears of sorrow

But mine that tap

With time as an echo


Tick away

The clock will sound

Another day

Another tomorrow

The whimper I hear

Is not of my own


Whose is this torment?

A woman’s sobbing

That turns to laughter

With mockery

Or abject humor

My thoughts ablaze


Whispering comes

Yet no thoughts spoken

I obscure these words

Never to see

Nor speak

But felt by those who hide


Rest now

Ignore pulsing lights

Or shadows that darken

Or brighten days

These twisted sights

To be forever forgotten.

My Epilepsy story an introduction

Miracle grow at its finest! I hope things continue to go well

cannabis cure

I had my first seizure when i was 18 months old and soon after was diagnosed with epilepsy, I have mainly nocturnal seizures either when falling asleep or waking but when I’m ill, upset or tired I will have daytime seizures and on many occasions i have injured myself from falling and hitting my head.  Throughout my life I’ve been on numerous medications, anti epileptic drugs, sedatives, anti depressants etc.. Nothing stopped my seizures and the side effects of the medications were horrible, I was constantly tired and sick.   I’ve been passed around from consultant to consultant, and not one of them knew me or what i needed so they either just threw more drugs at me which I’d already tried or tried to say i may not even be epileptic. An accident and emergency doctor once said to me that my epilepsy was an atypical case and that…

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