Flat Poet of the Day #2. Theme: Monk

If I were a monk

I’d dance to the funk

My music is jamming

it hurts when I pee.


Think you can do better? Want to get involved? Comment below and I will post it on the page with a link to your site. Alternatively you can create a flat poet post with a pingback to Flat Poet of the Day. Copy and paste the link on your post to link it to the page. The winners post will be reposted with a link to there channel as a shoutout for being awesome!

Winning posts will be uploaded with and influence tomorrows theme!

Still not sure what to do? see how to create pingbacks for more details!

I’m creating this as I have realized people on wordpress seem to have a very acquired yet brilliant sense of humor and really can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

Flat Poet of the Day #1. Theme: Dog: Today’s winner- The Only Allzy with his post “Dog”!!!



Author: Daniel Gibbon

This site is dedicated to sharing experiences I have had, the good and the bad. I am an aspiring blogger, graphic designer, photographer and director with some interesting experiences to share. I have generated all content on this page from scratch through drawing, creative writing and photography. Stick around and enjoy the lucidity of life.

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