Bench Bound Photographer

Earlier I sat with my girlfriend in the park, admiring the sights of fall. We sat for the best part of two hours watching the setting sun cast amber light across the browning leaves. Nearby was a small river, flowers and some inquisitive ducks. As always I had my camera on hand. This is in response to Allison’s prompt, I hope you enjoy!

Lucky Duck:

I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw an approaching wave of ducks that swam as a nearby couple tossed bread into the river. The detail I can capture on my camera astounds me even to this day


Focusing Pink:

Behind us was a flower display sporting vibrant pink flowers with a backdrop of trees and a grand manor house. I decided to remain o-natural with the flower as the focal point


Days of Fall:

This is my favorite photo from my day. The tilted tree seems to encapsulate the transition to autumn with an almost unreal division. The ducks still present and quacking behind the silently whispering tall grass and bushes.


Note: I used this photo on another post Days of Fall, a short poem I wrote accompanies it.

I hope you enjoyed my photography of the day! I’d love to know your thoughts and favorites! Also check out Alison’s profile Here for more inspiring images!


Author: Daniel Gibbon

This site is dedicated to sharing experiences I have had, the good and the bad. I am an aspiring blogger, graphic designer, photographer and director with some interesting experiences to share. I have generated all content on this page from scratch through drawing, creative writing and photography. Stick around and enjoy the lucidity of life.

10 thoughts on “Bench Bound Photographer”

    1. I might just do that, Sascha Darlington (a fellow follower) recommended that I start posting responses to photography prompt posts which is where this one came from. I may try finding some communities, but I’d love to incorporate some poetry with my posts. My grandfather use to love doing amateur poetry, each one blew me away with his imagery and depth he put into all of his work. Thank you for the kind comments, its just the moral boost I needed ^^

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