Chasing the Dragon

Ride the dragon that the lost chase

Lead them to a desolate place

Burn down the bridges

Lead the stranded to their fate

What was an idea forms reality through malice

Its painful

Spawns laughter

Through hatred and anger

Justified killing for boredom and humor

When the ashes settle your God will see

It was this world that created me

A monster

A demon

A skeptic formed from rubble

The church roof has fallen

The waters left tainted

This child you bring us contaminates the sacred


The artwork was hand drawn and edited by yours truly. It is a piece I have been working on for the best part of 2 weeks. Any feedback on the poetry or the artwork would be much appreciated!


Author: Daniel Gibbon

This site is dedicated to sharing experiences I have had, the good and the bad. I am an aspiring blogger, graphic designer, photographer and director with some interesting experiences to share. I have generated all content on this page from scratch through drawing, creative writing and photography. Stick around and enjoy the lucidity of life.

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