Obscured Sunset

Silver linings obscure a golden sunset

Blackening hearts outmatched by light

A ray of sun scares the idle crow

A single bell begins a melody 

Another cloud

Another darkness

A gust to chill the warmest blood


Blue skies gray

Trees  turned black

A teardrop falls

Warmth feels cold

Love felt lost

Days forever gone

Without her loving touch


Crumpled leaves litter an empty path


A clear canvas lies ahead

Gone is the day of adventure

The setting sun turns your head

As you begin to walk a road

Walked by you 

And you alone.









Author: Daniel Gibbon

This site is dedicated to sharing experiences I have had, the good and the bad. I am an aspiring blogger, graphic designer, photographer and director with some interesting experiences to share. I have generated all content on this page from scratch through drawing, creative writing and photography. Stick around and enjoy the lucidity of life.

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