Grey Curtains

Grey curtains obscure winged parades

Immersive shows for abeyant minds

Seeking solitude in nature’s glory

Rewarded beauty from mundane surroundings


Speak to your bed-bound neighbor

Relate suffering with abject promise

Doctor’s hope reflects nothing but opinion

Shattered hope from ones founding’s


Tears emerge though taught lips

Silenced is true pain

Chronic illness

Reveals nothing but buried feelings


Weep not in front of restful eyes

Bring no tears to the hopeful

Remind wounded of no strife

For Gods wisdom prevails


Through the taking of a life.


The Blank

A shadow darkens the doorway

Silent screams muffled by fear

Growing presence clouds the mind

Cool sweat seeps onto warming skin


Black sockets obscure glowing eyes

Victims fetal and crumble with pressure

A creak brings trembling among prowess

Strikes lethal intention within


As darkness approaches

So do goosebumps emerge

Solace weeps silent wisdom

Only a ghoul remains taught in sin


Brace the ongoing tyrant

Evil personified by hatred

Lay five scattered bodies

Hallucinations from within


Blame not the disfigured man

Approaching with a raised hatchet

Blood pouring in malice

Bleeding terror from hymen


Madness blamed by insanity

Insanity provoked from the cause

Black ooze protruding from eyes

Prevalent horror begins


He is a blank.

Legalize Marijuana UK

Hi all! I am setting up a Facebook page dedicated to providing information relating to the latest news on marijuanas medicinal use updates and providing an insightful look into how legalization could save the UK government billions of pounds. It is high time we forget the string of misinformation that flooded our schools and begin to take things a little more seriously. On this page I will be posting updates, the latest articles I can find and self-written content on things that I cannot.

The link to the page can be found here: Legalize Weed UK! It would mean the world to me to have your support!

I’m Late

Past purple walls

Through darkness and untold rapture

Paralyzing beauty obscured by an ajar door

A skipping tune seeps with an ominous wind




Placing his hand upon the door

Feeling the presence of the girl inside

A slow creek

A still silhouette

Her blue dress stained

Skin white

A black bow contorts her skin

Perfection punctured

Needles thin

White eyes offer glazed expression

A whisper still upon her lips

Blue lips ooze with shining white

Nails imbedded into bed sheets

Her hand still grips onto bloodstained shards

If only he hadn’t forgotten

If only she could forget

Her love for him boundless

Yet lover’s whim tainted


His love for her but a memory

And yet remains her vacant stare

For love has past but life cannot go on

A metallic feel against his skull

A loaded gun makes the least sound

An empty barrel screaming

With bullets only a sound.

Tainted Hands

Stand with me

Gaze upon this place

This desolation of humanity

Feel no sorrow from the rubble

Weep not for the ones buried

Victim’s cries cannot be printed


Another victory

Another’s defeat

The victorious praised

Set in stone

The defeated soon forgotten

Etched wood decays


Walk upon cold ashes

Feel the warmth of death beneath

No wind to gust away your deeds

No rain to wash away the blood

Your hands forever stained

Yet remains a mind so free.



I made the front page!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw that my post on Blasting News made the homepage! I have only been on it for a couple of days now and I am just blown away by the reception I am getting! The post was about the supposed Killer Clowns that we were promised would sweep across the UK in a tyrant of terror and yet never did. It is more about how the media killed the spirit of Halloween as opposed to clowns being the real source of mongering. If you would like to see the article click the link below!

Read “Killer Clowns Killed Halloween” Here

I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to read it, or even help spread the would mean the absolute world to me. Poetry and random posts are on there way by the way ^^