Insomnia59 Day Two #1

The relatively heavy night we had before was nothing in comparison to the second. We woke up dark and early and had done so every thirty minutes or so as a result of not being proactive enough to bring an airbed. Foolish.

It took us about ten minutes to get from our tent to the main hall, a vast expanse of stalls, cosplay and intense gaming spawned a panoramic sight of a real-life gaming wonderland. The interview I had secured the night before was somewhat hazy in my mind yet my goal to seek new games was clear. We made a B-line for the indie section of the event that had small rows with office like segregated cubicles for the testers to focus.

I met up with Robert Saxton (lead programmer for Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse). He asked if we could return after twelve, perhaps a smart move considering both of our suffering states from the night before.

I suggested that we should go and check out the nearby Xbox tent which sported the Dead Rising 4 and Gears of War 4 banners that seemed to entice me in through nostalgic fueled curiosity and a need to re-immerse myself in competitive gaming. Serendipity smiled upon us as two adjacent consoles became free as we entered. The game Dead Rising was set up with a demo, we both began from the beginning with open minds and severe anticipation given our love for the first game.

Immediately I was disappointed. We were thrown into a timed mission with an electric battle-ax with no context. The hordes of enemies keeled over from the overpowered nature of the weapon we seemed to just have on hand. Even when it ran out you could merely go from one zombie to the next with your fists with no repercussions of suffering from any discernible damage. Weapons such as shotguns, ice swords and OP exoskeletons lay in abundance with little to no effort to find or retrieve them. About ten minutes later I had enough, lay down my controller and decided to do some photography.


A few moments later Phill dropped his controller, he too had experienced enough of it to give it an indefinite thumbs down. Luck again had it that at that moment spaces for our next game happened to free up as we turned towards the Gears 4 setup. I loved Gears one and two. The third never really wowed me but Judgement did rekindle my curiosity for the fourth. We came into more luck as the round started to reveal we were playing on the map Gridlock; perhaps the most iconic map that has been used throughout the Gears of War franchise. We battled with two other teammates against the opposing Cogs that stood behind a partitioning on the other side. Gears 4 was simply a prettier, HD version of the first… on this map anyway. The guns were diverse yet positioning of which remained unchanged from the first. I found the experience nostalgic and extremely entertaining! The thrill of downing an enemy and using them as a meat-shield has always amused me, especially against players you could flaunt your victory to in person.

The clock struck 1pm, with that we decided to go back to the indie section to meet with Robert. We arrived to an extremely busy stand with people huddled around the T.V. As we walked up to it two controllers became free and with that we decided to do some hands-on research. We were thrown into a world of Box-Head style madness that had the same relentless, never-ending horde feel of Left for Dead. My minigun was primed, my adorable elephant ready but, unfortunately, I sucked at the game. I do not dismiss a game as terrible just because I myself am so at the game, in fact I enjoy a new challenge and commend games that challenge me to the point of which I either scream or get frustrated.

Phill on the other hand was in his zone, he somewhat carried myself and the rest of the team as he drove forwards with an extensive list of power-ups and weaponry he had earned. All awhile he continued to revive me as I proved his efforts futile with each and every attempt. Regardless, I still thoroughly enjoyed it! We took a break from the game to speak with Robert. A short but sweet interview can be found below:

Insomnia Day Two: Part One

I found our conversation to be highly insightful. The conversation we had the night before really hit home why they were there and what they were trying to achieve. Insomnia is a chance, such as any other gaming convention, for game developers to get some real feedback from real gamers. It goes a long way to have instant access to your target audience, to listen to them and to create a product such as Nature’s Zombie Apocalypse that is so in-tune with what we want. I really hope to meet these guys again! Hopefully at i60…


Grey Curtains

Grey curtains obscure winged parades

Immersive shows for abeyant minds

Seeking solitude in nature’s glory

Rewarded beauty from mundane surroundings


Speak to your bed-bound neighbor

Relate suffering with abject promise

Doctor’s hope reflects nothing but opinion

Shattered hope from ones founding’s


Tears emerge though taught lips

Silenced is true pain

Chronic illness

Reveals nothing but buried feelings


Weep not in front of restful eyes

Bring no tears to the hopeful

Remind wounded of no strife

For Gods wisdom prevails


Through the taking of a life.

I made the front page!

I couldn’t believe it when I saw that my post on Blasting News made the homepage! I have only been on it for a couple of days now and I am just blown away by the reception I am getting! The post was about the supposed Killer Clowns that we were promised would sweep across the UK in a tyrant of terror and yet never did. It is more about how the media killed the spirit of Halloween as opposed to clowns being the real source of mongering. If you would like to see the article click the link below!

Read “Killer Clowns Killed Halloween” Here

I would really appreciate it if you could take the time to read it, or even help spread the would mean the absolute world to me. Poetry and random posts are on there way by the way ^^

Legalize Weed UK?

The subject of whether or not to legalize marijuana in the United Kingdom is often whispered in hush tones. Support of such a proposal is considered almost blasphemous to the hierarchies who demonize it as a recreational activity for the lazy and the stupid. Despite our brothers in the US setting a clear example of harmony between this ‘drug’ and economy with Colorado as a prime example, reaching a $50 billion profit from legal cannabis sales; the UK continues to ignore the proposal. A working example of cannabis integration into society with a slogan that reads “less crime, more schools”. Yet here we are, a miserable country with our primary schools slowly shutting down with this looming terror of killer clowns. Individuals probably so bored, so restless of how little interesting things there are to do here that they have adopted violence as a solution to their ever growing spare time. Not to mention the fact that jobs are seeming to become not so dissimilar from a prancing unicorn, probably headed for a country where it can at least relax with a drug with proven health benefits as opposed to the notion of poisoning ourselves with binge drinking as a legal alternative. It is ridiculous! “Here have some poison… why not? The government said it is fine! Cost the NHS 6 BILLION EACH AND EVERY FUCKING YEAR! Go out, get drunk, start a fight from being so out of control of your bodily functions that you are left a rage full mess!”

Binge drinking alcohol is BAD for this country! Sure, in moderation it is fine, a few drinks with some friends can yield a terrific night. But do not come to me and say marijuana will cause me harm. Marijuana will not cause everyone who tries it to become a violent schizophrenic. Sure, if you are predisposed to being schizophrenic it can trigger it, but so can alcohol, gambling or pretty much anything considered legal by society. I can see why most people believe it, it is because we have been consistently subject to a string of misinformation since the days of primary school. I remember not even knowing what a drug was and being made to stand before my peers at the age of 11, spewing ‘facts’ found on pre-printed sheets they handed to us detailing how marijuana will kill you. If that isn’t brain washing, I don’t know what is.

A social stigma has been generated against users of the drug, setting them aside from the hard working individuals as the unemployed, uninterested ‘indictments’ of this generation. I am sick of it. We should all be tired of having friends thrown into jail for enjoying a drug which has helped the US in so many regions. Why not blow the lid off this silly state by state legalization and have it available everywhere. The UK (may) eventually get around to it, like it is a stack of dirty dishes ready to be cleaned yet remain. They could be taxing it, selling it, improving infrastructure, reopening schools… but no, the law remains unchanged and idle as the superpowers of this country seem to relish doing.


Rant over, tell me what you think.


Spider Killa of the Week

Let me explain… So I receive at least one spider bite every day, usually from entering a little known place we like to call ‘The Snug’. It is a place of relaxation, a place to game and provides decent lighting for my photography. The only problem (despite being a mess) is the spiders. They range from cutesy little ones to false widows that leave nasty bite marks. We came up with an efficient, pain free solution for exterminating the little buggers… A hammer.




The hammer (usually) sits in the ‘Spider killing utensil permissible zone’ but has been moved. The ‘zone’ is to ensure nobody hangs onto the hammer as it has resulted in physical confrontation, gorilla noises and getting wieldy with weapons. We have agreed to use our indoors voices.

The winner is announced during “Gentleman’s Club”, a deceiving title to our weekly congregation which accepts both males and females who have passed initiation. My picture has remained upon the board of misfortune for 6 weeks since the beginning of our club. Alas, my picture was taken down recently and a new winner replaced me. GC will remain shrouded in mystery, its laws are sacred and bound to members only.





My beautiful picture!

Check out Jennifers prompt here!




Clumsy Serendipity

We led on the trampoline as we smoked. Two lost souls bound for a night of intoxicated dexterity with the promise of easy slumber. This always proven hollow by my friends need to awaken just past the break of dawn, back to his upper class lifestyle while I lay in the squalor of my untidy room until late afternoon. A practice almost perfected with the soothing though of a decent coffee and sandwiches to keep me going, a shower always awaits to wash the proverbial grime of the deeds from the night that had passed.

As we were led outside our surroundings suddenly seemed somewhat brighter. I looked over to see my neighbors security light shining upon the large fur tree that stood before us. The light cast shadows from the spiky branches, leaving what looked like menacing faces that stared with enraged expressions, there numbers duplicating as I scanned top to bottom.

“Maybe we should go inside”

I said with my throat bound by fear, it’s pitch squeezed upwards by the amalgamation of terror and anxiety fueled by what I knew his response to be

“Maybe we should go to the pub”

He said with a slight grin

“But yes, definitely inside first”

He continued.

When we got inside we were welcomed by the taste of beer as we cracked open a new can. We began to prepare. He donned his gloves and held his skateboard eagerly as I whipped my trench-coat over my shoulders. I locked the door as he slammed the board to the floor and began to skate down the road of the desolate village I resided in. The gentle rolling of the wheels sent a wave of bedroom lights to flicker on and off, curious souls overlooked the antics of which they will probably never understand. We swapped between walking and skating, the pair of us useless at it and ever yet entranced by the enjoyment of riding. Needless to say we fell with abrupt force, perhaps due to the beer, smoking or lack of experience… I blame that dastardly stone!

We arrived at the pub, greeted by a taxidermists dream of hanging heads with vacant expressions. Watching eyes fell upon us as we approached the bar. I remember saying something along the lines of:

“I like animals, they’re fun. I want to buy a skull… or make one”

I remember the general confusion of the room, I had probably elevated my voice unnecessarily… again. She asked us what we would like in a strong Irish accent, I tried to read the word ‘Plucking Pheasant’ and failed. I felt more eyes begin to stare as she poured it. My friend suggested we migrate outside after he had foolishly dispersed his coins across the wooden floor. A wave of friendly locals helped him pick them up, nevertheless I also agreed outside was a good idea. We sat and talked for a while as I smoked a cigarette, the feeling of nicotine kicks off the mild sensation of a pint. He turned to me and asked me if we should count our losses with this place and head to The Grog, we downed our drinks and skated towards what we both knew was our last destination of the night.

We walked into the pub, a warm feeling of belonging swept over me as I soaked in the rustic aesthetic and warming sounds of merry singing. We turned the corner to see one of the locals and his shaggy dog sat at the bar. I was welcomed with

“Aaay, the matrix is here!”

In his strong Gloucestershire accent, muffled with intoxication and bound with an air of insincerity which I decided to play along with. I decided to have a drink, I sat next to him and chatted as my friend wandered off to mingle. I do not recall what was said, I only remember a short while after being talked to by an elderly gentleman with crazed eyes but friendly disposition. He hurried me off to the side and sat me down as he began to tell his story. He told me of his old career in the military, how he had taken LSD after arriving off a boat and the seemingly endless walk he endured to his favorite pub. He described the road flowing like liquid and the sound of bikes that flew past in rippling waves. I found it rather difficult to concentrate while my friend began to sing “Space Odyssey” in an octave and pitch so high it would probably feature on a downloadable app for dog training. He howled, thrusting his hips and closing his eyes.

I looked back at the elderly fellow, he was describing how when he reached the bar he was greeted by a large crowd of leather bikers that stormed in. He moved his arms as he described how he stood up and punched one of them and how his victim hit the ground with arms raised as he shouted how they were a group from gay pride looking to have a drink. I started to spill my drink as I drank, clearly doing so too quickly causing it to pour down either side and onto my shirt and lap. I looked over to see the oldboy from the bar standing on the skateboard as my friend started to hopelessly chat up the barmaid.

I remember grabbing a table, dragging it towards the centre of the pub and yelling for others to assist me. Within seconds we had a game which I call ‘try not to break your face’… There were some losers. I recall skating down the tables, led on my stomach while honking like a penguin as the locals cheered. We rotated the ‘catchers’ at the end. My friend decided in his infinite wisdom to stand, and fair play; he made it two tables before crashing to the ground in a puddle of regret. I looked over at him, in the distance I noticed a woman staring at me. I walked over and asked if she was okay. She said she was fine and that she was the owner, and that we needed to get more tables.

The hours past as we continued to drink and skate until the early hours of the morning. The owner approached me and asked if I was local. I recall asking for a job before running back to the tables, pouring what was left of my pint over myself and riding it to the end. She greeted me while I lay there and told me to be here at 12pm. Success!

I think the moral of the story is… um… well. I think, it is to be yourself. Be yourself and clumsy and you will be rewarded with jobs, beer and a relatively interesting story that you will eventually write about on a blog!

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